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We introduce the principle, that if before this Friday will be the day a public holiday, the schools run classes on Wednesday. As this year — explains the Ministry of National Education Holidays, as before will continue until 31 August. The school year will start on 1 September. In this calendar year children and young people go to school on September 2, since 1 September falls on a niedzielę.Podczas meeting in Zawiercie Prime Minister said he was getting signals that the end of the school year is Friday 21 June, after falling this year on June 20 celebration of God body — which is a public holiday. «That is, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday could be free,» — he said. The Prime Minister stated that the government in this situation wants to «do the most practical.» «We’ll make a change in the Regulation on the end of the school year and the end of the school year will change from Friday to Wednesday,» — said the head of government. «We are practical, functional closer to the people, a little more holidays. One day, we know that certificates will no longer powystawiane» — said Morawiecki. Financial provision would be paid to pensioners from 2018.

Beneficiaries supply them annually, but once a year, instead of every month as the 500 plus targeted to families. The payment could occur, for example. Narodzeniem.- before God can be seen that after 500 plus families are doing better shopping, because their financial situation has improved, and older people are counting every penny. Продолжить чтение »