ZUS was right.

We introduce the principle, that if before this Friday will be the day a public holiday, the schools run classes on Wednesday. As this year — explains the Ministry of National Education Holidays, as before will continue until 31 August. The school year will start on 1 September. In this calendar year children and young people go to school on September 2, since 1 September falls on a niedzielę.Podczas meeting in Zawiercie Prime Minister said he was getting signals that the end of the school year is Friday 21 June, after falling this year on June 20 celebration of God body — which is a public holiday. «That is, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday could be free,» — he said. The Prime Minister stated that the government in this situation wants to «do the most practical.» «We’ll make a change in the Regulation on the end of the school year and the end of the school year will change from Friday to Wednesday,» — said the head of government. «We are practical, functional closer to the people, a little more holidays. One day, we know that certificates will no longer powystawiane» — said Morawiecki. Financial provision would be paid to pensioners from 2018.

Beneficiaries supply them annually, but once a year, instead of every month as the 500 plus targeted to families. The payment could occur, for example. Narodzeniem.- before God can be seen that after 500 plus families are doing better shopping, because their financial situation has improved, and older people are counting every penny. In many conversations with pensioners who receive the lowest benefits, scroll to the topic, that such a one-off cash injection would allow them to small investments, making the repair, purchase of equipment, because to date are not able to save — says Elizabeth Rafalska, minister of family, work and social policy. Gallery: Reduced retirement age. 10 most important questions and answers provide you receive all that will depend on the amount of pensions, as yet unknown. It is known that in order to enter into force, the money to cover it should be recorded in the Budget for 2018.

He is currently working on her Finance Ministry, which estimates that the financing of the new addition will cost 2.5 billion zł. Our calculations show that measures of this amount will allow every year for the payment of benefits for 5-6 million pensioners (of all is approx. 9 million). Although it will depend not only on the money set aside in the State box office, but also on whether it would benefit the same height for all, whether it be differentiated depending on the amount of the pension or annuity. — This preliminary draft, before the consultation — says Minister for Rafalska.Na certainly important part of the Law and Justice will also be political arguments behind granting extra funds for seniors. From next year will start a three-year electoral marathon: first municipal elections in 2018., Then in 2019.

European and parliamentary elections, and finally in 2020. Presidential. — Retirees are and will be an important group of voters. They depend on public institutions, so a politician can easily reach them. Besides, due to demographic changes, will certainly not be the wane — notes political analyst Rafal Chwedoruk. 500 plus pensioner: Fiskus put money for seniors / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = «https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js» vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document. «script», «VT-SDK»)); / ** / Billions for emerytówW Ministry of Finance last final touches next year’s budget. The big issue of no way, but the situation is the least beneficiaries and pensioners can take power from poprawić.PiS strongly increased social spending. The broadest billion zlotys stream flowing to households with children by benefits paid to the program «Family 500 plus.» PiS politicians want, however, to improve further in the portfolios affected groups.

Therefore, in addition to the planned reduction of the retirement age in October, at the back of the government is working on new ideas support seniors. He announced that already during the party congress in Przysucha president Jaroslaw Kaczynski. He indicated, however, that this will be possible if the economic situation allows. 2.5 billion zł for pensioners According to our information, that street. Kielce is analyzed precisely, if we can fork out next year approx.

2.5 billion zł 500 plus program for retirees. The task is not easy. The Ministry of Finance is finalizing the draft state budget for next year — next week the document should be approved by the government. It is certain that a huge spending in 2018. No way.

On the contrary, expenditure rule forcing officials to seek savings tax authorities and trimming wydatków.zobacz also: How to lowering the retirement age will affect the receiving early retirement »Prior to retirement: What will change from 1 October? «According to our information, that real cuts in the budget administrators will reach close to 3 billion zł. It’s a lot less than the amount of 7-9 billion zł, which had to be found, when at the turn of June and July competed work on the project of government revenue and expenditure. This is due, among others, that the IRS expects better results seals VAT. In April, it predicted that in 2018. This will give an extra 6 billion zł, with our information, however, that the budget for 2018. It may be a bit over 8 billion zł.

However, ministers are willing to enlarge their budgets, there are many, and not much money to the separation. The more that the government must take an amendment to finance next year reduction in the retirement age, for which the bill amounts to approx. 10 billion zł. Seniors may also like every year rely on indexation, from which their households will in 2018. 5.4 billion zł. Deputy Finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska, which corresponds Street. Kielce for the preparation of the draft budget, checks whether the public hand manages to save 2.5 billion zł.

Disposable Accessories — Hard declaration does not, but continue to seek opportunities to finance additions pensioner. It is certainly in this matter goodwill. Even if this initiative will not be saved in the budget, it does not mean that during the year the financial situation will not allow us to take the decision to pay benefits — says our interlocutor of the government circles. From the point of view of the Ministry of Finance disposable supplements are a better option because they are not as indexation of pensions, so do not be charged to the extent of the budget. — It would be an idea for sausage model election. Although the burden the image of the PiS party as a social solution for addressing their poorest, while we live in a society where everyone wants to be middle class. Therefore, in the long term it may be debatable idea, but in the short term better to do something than nothing — says political analyst Rafal Chwedoruk. Valorisation of mixed current initiative of Law and Justice is an extension of the idea a decade ago.

Already in 2005-2007, the politicians of this party introduced a one-time additions to the lowest pensions. Then for this step was the desire to grant this particular group of seniors, and the then government feared that another form of support, for example. Indexation quota, would be unconstitutional. Why? For some people the highest benefits, it may mean that they will lose the real benefits wartości.zobacz also: Different retirement age for women and men: Waiting social discrimination does not explain «the PO-PSL team took the risk and introduced a quota valorisation of 75 zł in 2012, r. the Constitutional Court then found that this type of solution can be used intermittently and can not be a regular part of the pension system. Therefore, in następych years there were other ideas that were to make the people with the lowest benefits will receive a little more than others. First, it was a mixed indexation of the minimum amount increases.

In the 2015 election. Previous government project showed off additives for retirees. After the elections and the seizure of power by the Law and Justice have been adopted and enacted in the new version. Ekstraświadczenie, depending on the amount of the pension — ranged from 50 to 400 zł. This meant www.homeworkmarket.me/ for the budget expenditure more than 1.4 billion zł. This year, the PiS predecessors copied the idea for the valorization mixed, guaranteeing an increase of at least 10 zł. At the same time the lowest retirement, survivors’ and disability pensions for total incapacity to work has been raised to 1000 zł.

Two suicide — hard to think of a more blunt proof that what we are doing on the network, can have the most tangible impact on how our real life. These two suicide is, how they assess investigators from Canada, the effect of the outbreak of the scandal Ashley Madison. This portal site, used — as it clearly advertised — to seek other half-life, only to betray, fell victim to hackers who drew it theoretically anonymous user data. From one day to the data made public hundreds of thousands of unfaithful husbands, wives, boyfriends, partners. In how many cases have ended up or runs out of the disintegration of compounds, we do not know or do not know how much it will have serious repercussions, such as those mentioned even suicide. However, after the case known one thing: stories of anonymity you could hide between fairy tales for children. Last Monday in one day, as boasted on his Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, took advantage of this portal every seventh inhabitant of the Earth.

Every seventh logged in, threw a link, something written, commented someone published a photo or your own. Amount of data about themselves in this way we produce exceeds the capacity of understanding of the common man. In the vastness of the data we may seem to us that remain unrecognized, safe, hidden. But really the anonymity of today is like a carnival mask. Apparently hides her face, but just one small movement, appeared to fell and who is behind it. You can take this reality does not match, you can exclude yourself from it — whether it’s giving up or very limited activity in the network, whether using the TOR network (this is the hidden, apparently superanonimowy Internet). But the choice available to a small group.

The majority, and the vast, wants the Internet and all the advantages that it enables to use. So we have to realize that you can not work on the web-scale public and behave as if we stayed in the comfort of your home. This is not some other world where morality does not work. If so walking on the street, you do not have the habit challenge people, think carefully before zhejtujesz someone in the network, because you may find that your entry — often on breaking the law — someone will spread much wider than you expected. So even as he does today Monitoring Center racist and xenophobic behavior, which provides pictures and names of the people which print the sentence full of hatred against refugees. If you do not want a divorce, think about it a few times, if life is so short that it is worth to treat treason network. If going to the store, do not steal it from you products and thieves criminals, think if you really stealing someone’s work by downloading it from torrents is fair.

Just look at your safety. When asked by a stranger if you give him your bank account number, address, Social Security, data on the state of health? If not, why would you give them the robots in the network, which also still faces some strangers? Coming out of the house, shut the door. And whether using the internet somewhere in a public place, you have it all locked doors, secured private accounts? Today, there is no real and virtual world.

And whether you are a dog or not, really easy to check. ZUS was right. Yes, in accordance with applicable regulations shall be entitled to a survivor’s pension until the end of school, but no longer than until 25 years of age. The exception to this rule is if a student celebrates 25th birthday on last year — then the right to a pension is extended to its completion. It makes no difference that the student repeat a year in which he completed 25 years — if they are the last two semesters of science, the right to receive a pension.

It is different, however, when the extended pension granted to him when he was in a given year for the first time — as in this situation and then repeats the year. Then, the right to a pension does not extend to subsequent additional semesters. This would lead to the bizarre situation in which the eternal student could collect a pension without end, extending the period of completion of the studiów.zobacz: Less early retirement. ZUS meticulously verifies the documents »Early retirement for his work in Poland» Transition from ZUS to fund only in transfer window »40 years seniority and well-deserved retirement? Yes, but the low «Legal basis: Art. 68 paragraph. 2 of the Act of 17 December 1998.

On pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Journal of Laws, i.e. 2015. Pos. 748). It was issued by the Minister of Justice decision to refuse entry on the list of trainees. The Minister considered that the fact of a conviction for a violation of traffic safety and causing an accident in which another person suffered damage and the failure to conclude indicated in the judgment of the trial period means that the candidate does not meet the requirements of Art.

24 paragraph. 1 point 5 u.r.p., ie. The condition of good character and giving proper warranty profession legal counsel. The decision also underlined that the candidate is guilty of «committing a transgression of a qualified, because it violated the rules of traffic safety while intoxicated or under the influence of a narcotic drug, causing injury to another person and escaped from the scene.» Gallery: You do the legal application? These services will help you learn the candidate decided to appeal this decision to the Regional Administrative Court, demanding the repeal of the contested decision. The Court agreed with the applicant and stated that the Minister of Justice did not take into account the circumstances in which there was a traffic accident and the behavior of the complainant after the wyroku.Sprawa came before the Supreme Administrative Court. The court held that the Minister of Justice did not violate the rules of conduct, because he does not have to verify the circumstances of the crime.

The only basis for the evaluation is the information from the National Criminal Register. The Court of First Instance wrongly stated that and indicated in art. 24 paragraph. 1 point 5 of the Act on Legal Advisers apply only to people applying for entry on the list of legal advisors, not applying for entry on the list of trainee professional self-government. Error derived from the court issued a decision upholding the contested decision, arguing that the candidate convicted of a crime does not satisfy the conditions of good character, which must be understood as nobility, integrity, uczciwość.Skarżący decided to appeal against this judgment to the Supreme Administrative Court challenging the whole judgment of the Court of First Instance.

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